Blockchain experts

Blockchain experts

A team of people that have been working on blockchain solutions for years

Successful projects

Successful projects

We built and implemented successful B2B and B2C projects in different sectors

Experienced team

Experienced team

A team with many years of working experience in financial tech and software development

We create trust

We create trust

Using blockchain technologies we can create trust for businesses or between parties

A Global Immutable Data Information System

Global Data Chain

Global Data Chain uses blockchain technologies to create trust for businesses. It can help companies to store data on any blockchain, meaning that a business can use it for proof of ownership (for example for physical assets) or to proof that the data was not changed (for example financial information or accounting data).

Global Data Chain creates certificates for these companies or their clients to prove when data was recorded on the blockchain and whether any changes were made to the data.

Global Data Chain can work with any blockchain, so if your business is not comfortable with major blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum we can easily use another one. For example, for one of our clients we will use a private blockchain that is anchored regularly on a major public blockchain.  

Data on the blockchain are normally stored as hashes, meaning that the actual data can’t be seen by third parties. The data can only be verified by others and only if they have access to the original data. Global Data Chain can provide user friendly certificates for this, for example in the form of pdf documents or QR codes.

Global Data Chain was started in 2016 and took over Trustatom in early 2017. Trustatom developed privacy-respecting identity and smart contract solutions. By integrating these into Global Data Chain it allows us a wide suite of trust-related smart contract solutions to our clients.

Global Data Chain’s technologies can be used in any industry that needs to create trust for its customers.


Our initial focus has been on the marketplace lending industry (p2p lending). This industry lost a lot of its credibility when one platform made some changes to its loans. Many lenders and investors lost trust in the industry and that is what gave us the initial idea to come with a solution for this problem. We created a tool through which lending platforms can upload their loan data to the blockchain and we can help lenders verify these data. We also created tools to facilitate loan due diligence for investors and we are working on a solution to solve the problem of stacking of loans (one person applying for loans at several platforms). For the lending industry Global Data Chain developed a global unique identifier for loans, meaning that authorized persons can get all information on a certain loan at any given time.

Global Data Chain can also register physical products on the blockchain and issue verifiable ownership certificates. One example would be art, where proof of ownership of for example a painting could be uploaded to a blockchain. This ownership certificate could even be transferred online using tokens, and the new owner could take physical possession of the product by showing that he or she now has the token as proof of ownership. If you want to know how the blockchain could help your business please get in touch with us.


Global Data Chain uses blockchain technologies to store and verify data. We do this by storing hashes on the blockchain, so the original data can never be accessed by other people. We have developed a proprietary technique for this.

We are blockchain agnostic, meaning that we can work with any blockchain. We can advise you on the best blockchain to use or we can help you to store data on a private blockchain.

Global Data Chain uses global unique identifiers for all the data that it stores on a blockchain, making it easier to track changes or verify the data.

We can quickly integrate with most businesses because of the APIs that we have developed.

Meet our experts

Our Team

Marc Van Der Chijs – Founder and CEO | View more

Marc is a serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry and an investor in disruptive financial tech companies. Marc was a managing partner at CrossPacific Capital in Vancouver from 2013-2017 and served on the boards of several of the fund’s portfolio companies. In 2004, Marc co-founded China’s leading online video site, where he served as a board member, and was responsible for strategy and business development. Marc was also founder and CEO of online game company Spil Games Asia (2006-2012), and in 2011 he co-founded online fashion company UnitedStyles. Before becoming an entrepreneur Marc worked at Daimler for 7 years in corporate finance positions in Germany, Indonesia, and China. Marc has a Master of Business Economics degree from Maastricht University.

Frans Tjallingii - Co-Founder | View more

Frans has extensive commercial, business development, organizational development and strategy consulting experience in the Oil & Gas and Maritime industries. He has been involved in different startup companies as an advisor or consultant. Frans held multiple roles at Smit/Boskalis between 2004 and 2016, lastly managing their Canadian company. From 2004 to November 2016. Before that he worked in the maritime industry for the Netherlands Government and for a consulting engineering firm. Frans has a Master degree in Marine Biology from the University of Groningen and a Master in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Yurii Rashkovskii - Technology | View more

Yurii is a technology entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience in software development. Noted speaker in the Erlang community, a core contributor to the Elixir programming language, with experience in sales & marketing. A multi disciplinarian who co-founded early bitcoin and blockchain start-ups (Trustatom and

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